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Green LEDs don't turn off, when I lay down my Gear. How to fix?

The green lights are used for measuring the HR. They are also used to check if the wrist is there or not. Unfortunatelly the sensors knows, but the Gear sleeps. Just wake up the Gear by pushing the side button and lay it NOT flat on a surface.
Or if you don't want to measure the HR all the time, then change the Option 'Internal HR' to 'only at Workouts' or 'off'.

How to enter my personal settings?

Open the options by fastly double tap the upper watchface. Go through the options and search for 'Personal', tap on the button and then you can select Gender, Age, Weight, Resting HR (RHR) and Maximum HR (MHR).

How to use a Bluetooth LE chest strap?

Lay on the chest strap.
Open the options in the watchface and look for BLE Devices. Tap on the button 'Connect' at the bottom. A list of devices appears and it starts to fill with recently scanned or known devices. Just tap on the device you want. The connection process depends on device and take some seconds.
If your device does not appear. Then disable Wifi on your Gear. Also toggle the Bluetooth off, wait just a second and then turn on. And try again.

Here you can see how Suunto and Wahoo works:

Which BLE HR chest straps are supported?

The following BLE HR chest straps are tested successfully:

  • Wahoo Tickr
  • Suunto Smart Sensor
  • Polar H7
  • Runtastic

The BLE device does not connect, how to fix?

At first disable the Bluetooth on your Gear and re-enable it. Then try to connect again.

If this wont work, please remove the chest strap, so the BLE device will turn off. Then lay it on again and try to connect.

How to start a Workout?

Just fastly double tap on the bottom of the watchface. A small button indicates if it's recording, paused or stopped.

The heart rate will not measured all the time, how to fix?

At first you need to change the Option 'Internal HR' to 'Always on'. The measurement will become more frequently, when you're using the Always On Mode (Gear Settings->Display). Look for option 'Keep alive' and activate it. It will wake up the Gear at every 15 minutes.

How can I optimize the battery usage?

If you're recording only indoor workouts, then change the Option 'GPS' to 'off', it will disable GPS usage. The option 'Keep alive' should be 'off'. The 'Internal HR' should be used with 'at every Workout'/'off'. Also the Always On Display in the Gear System Settings should be off.

How can I download my recent workout as a TCX file?

Requirements: Wifi, other device like Notebook/Tablet

  1. Enable Wifi on your Gear and check that you're in your local Wifi. Also disable Bluetooth on your Gear (just recommended to fix some connection issues).
  2. Look for option 'Diary Webserver' and tap on the lower button 'Start'. A URL/website will be shown like seen here:
  3. Start the browser on your Notebook/Tablet, check that Wifi is connected in the same Wifi network.
  4. Enter the shown URL into your browser (Chrome is recommended) address and press Enter. Maybe the connection need some time to be established and you should try it some seconds later again, if it fails. Then you see a website like this:
  5. Check the correct date for your workout - the recent workout is on top - and press the TRACK button to download the track. The downloaded file is a gzipped file, which can be unzipped with every zip program. Here is a sample GZ File.
  6. Unzip the GZ file and you'll get a TCX-File (this is a GPX-File with fitness addition), which can be uploaded to Strava, Endomondo or Google Earth.

How can I sync my workouts to Strava or Google Drive?

Requirements: Paired Phone - must be online, Gear must be connected to the Paired Phone

  1. Open Options and go to Option 'Strava' or 'Google Drive':
  2. Press the Button 'Login' and go ahead on your paired phone.
  3. Unlock your phone and a the Browser App will open. You will be asked to login into your Strava/Google Account (if you're not) and you're asked to give permission to Sporty Watch. If you confirmed, then you'll see on your Gear that the Word 'Login' changed to 'Logout'. Now you're connected to Strava/Google.

Hint: If you want to sync to Strava/Google, you don't need your phone. Just connect to a Wifi or maybe you have a 4G-Gear and you can sync.
Sync will be done immediately, when you stop the workout, or via the Diary. There you'll find an upload button.

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