sMOVE is our biggest project and we are proud to present it to you.
It is an extensive sports tracking app with several additional features like compass, waypoint function, BMI calculator, NAVTEQ maps, diary, GPX logger and much more.

  • bada
Supported languages
  • English
  • German
Supported smartphones
  • Samsung Wave S8500
  • Samsung Wave S8530
  • Samsung Wave S7230E
  • Samsung Wave S5330
  • Samsung Wave S5250
  • sMOVE for S8500 and S8530
  • sMOVE for S7530E, S5330 and S5250

sMOVE Trailer


sMOVE Screenshots


sMOVE offers the following features:

  • your height
  • your weight
  • the calculation of your current body mass index (BMI)
  • your profile data is necessary for calculating the energy in kcal you spent for your activity
  • the data is stored in your bada handset so that you do not have to enter sMOVE every time you use it
  • of course you can edit your data
Choice of activities
  • walking
  • hiking
  • nordic walking
  • running
  • cycling
  • inline skating
  • cross-country skiing
  • ski-run
  • rowing
  • car driving
  • sayling
  • customizable activity
  • shows your last tracked tours with chosen activity in a list
  • shows complete results (e.g. average speed, maximum speed, total time, calorie consumption, altitude, distance...)
  • tapping on a tracked tour from the past will show it on NAVTEQ Maps
  • possibility to upload your GPX data via Bluetooth to your computer
  • deleting tracks
  • setting the beginning or the end of a passed track as waypoint for current tracking
  • comparison of tracks in graphs
  • track resume
  • sending GPX file vial mail
  • importing GPX file
  • exporting diary to CSV
  • posting results to twitter
  • posting results to facebook
Tracking Screen
  • start tracking
  • pause tracking
  • stop tracking
  • saving track as GPX file (you can use it later in third party software like google earth for example)
  • shows chosen activity
  • current speed
  • overall time
  • active time
  • average speed
  • maximum speed
  • calorie consumption
  • GPS signal strength
  • supports live tracking on the map
  • shows current position on the map
  • setting and editing waypoint on the map
  • live altitude graph
  • live speed graph
  • tracking pauses in the background, if the location does not change, and starts again, when you move
  • lap counter
Compass & Waypoint
  • you can switch between GPS calculated compass mode and the magnet sensor
  • switching to waypoint mode: the compass will show the direction of your destination in waypoint mode
  • you are able to load photos with GPS data into sMOVE and use it as destination
  • setting waypoint while you are watching the map
  • setting waypoint by entering coordinates
  • of course in waypoint mode the tour is tracked, if you have chosen an activity and you started tracking in the Tracking Screen
  • sending current coordinates as a google maps link to twitter
  • sending current coordinates as a google maps link to facebook
  • sending current coordinates as a google maps link via mail

sMOVE has many features. But you will not be overstrained! By tapping on "?" you will get a small help about the features for the following screens:

  • Profile
  • Compass Mode
  • Waypoint Mode
  • Tracking Screen
  • Diary List
  • Diary Details
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