Calendar Pro Watch

A customizable Calendar and Scheduler Watchface for your wrist!


NEW: install following companion app to have your schedule on this watchface: qooApps Tizen Service 

Change between calendar sheet and schedule by double tapping on mid of screen. Go to next or previous by double tapping on right or left side. Go back to the current month by double tapping the lower mid screen. Choose between different fonts, formats and themes by double tapping on the top of the watchface. You can also see the calendar weeks.

Hint: The english date format is preset (DD/MM/YYYY). Please go to the options and change the date format to your needs.

Installation hints: Before updating an existing watchface, please unselect this watchface and activate another one. During installation process go out of watchface and keep watch active.

Android 6.0 hints: Please update the companion app to the latest version. Enable under Settings->Apps->qooApps Tizen Service->Permissions the calendar permission, otherwise no events can't be read. If this will not work, then please uninstall this companion app, install qooApps Calendar Service and send a screenshot of this app to: support at

  • Tizen wearable + Android
Supported languages
  • English
  • German
  • Russian

Click here for short link to the app:

Install qooApps Tizen Service

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