Dual Clock

A customizable Dual Clock Watchface for your Gear Fit2!

Change to other timezone by double tap on the lower second clock. Choose between different fonts, formats and themes by double tapping on the top of the watchface.

Also select on of the bottom function: Steps, Weather Link or Music Player. Adaptive Ambient mode option - automatic mode: Brightness 1 shows only a blue clock, Brigthness 2-3 shows blue data to reduce brightness or set fixed color for ambient mode.

Hint: The english date format is preset (DD/MM/YYYY). Please go to the options and change the date format to your needs. See also the screenshots here in the store for more information.

Installation hints: Before updating an existing watchface, please unselect this watchface and activate another one. During installation process go out of watchface and keep watch active.

  • Tizen wearable
Supported languages
  • English

Click here for short link to the app:

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