Outdoor Fit Watch

All things you need for outdoor action on your wrist:



  • GPS Information 
  • Compass
  • Mark and Locate a Waypoint
  • Speed, Max. Speed, Average Speed
  • Distance

Attention: Start GPS by single tap the upper left button 'GPS'. The GPS must be enabled in the Gear System Settings before.

There are 4 pages:

  • Analog Watch with covered distance
  • GPS Position with Altitude and Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Compass with 2 Waypoints

Attention: Switch between these 4 Pages by fast double tapping on the left or right side! Mark a waypoint by single tap on the A or B Button in the lower area. A Dialog will appear asking for Clearing, Setting and Showing. Only one waypoint will be shown in the compass, to switch to the second waypoint, just use the Option 'Show' in this dialog. Use the option 'Clear' to remove this waypoint. The upper right button zeroes covered distance and speeds.

ATTENTION: If you using standalone GPS on your Gear, the battery drains 30-40 percent per hour! So, take care of your battery and deactivate GPS if not needed!

  • Tizen wearable
Supported languages
  • English

Click here for short link to the app:

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