Weather Pro Watch

Check your locale weather right on your wrist!



No need of configuration - It just uses the last location of your smartphone, the in-built GPS sensor or even the next webserver.
No need of a companion app - The weather will be updated once a day via WiFi or your paired smartphone.
See the forecast of the next 3 days or the next daytimes (morning, noon and evening).

Also there is an interpolation between these forecast to show you the current weather with:

  • Temperature
  • Precip. in percent
  • Windspeed and -direction

With a double tap on the upper area, you will go into the options. Here you can change the unit for Temperature (Celsius,Fahrenheit). Also the theme, pointers, icon sets and the time/date format. In the Ambient mode you see the current temperature and the weather icon.

One look and you know what you wear best.

  • Tizen wearable
Supported languages and countries 
  • English (U.S., U.K., Australia)
  • German (Switzerland, Austria and Germany)
  • French (France, Canada)
  • Spain

Click here for short link to the app:

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