Wear Chronograph for use with Wear OS by Google® watches

This analog watchface will show you 4 customizable complications with a lot of features:

★ 5 different background images
★ 3 different index styles
★ 4 different hand styles
★ 14 different hand colors
★ Analog complications
★ Dimmable complications for Ambient mode
★ Third-party complications

To change all these options, please open the settings of the watch face on the smartwatch. To change the complication, just tap on preview image and choose between a large selection of complications data providers.

The watchface runs standalone without a companion.

NEW for 1.2.0:
New Hand styles and a Progress Ring are added. This ring show you you progress depending on the bottom Complication. For example, if there are the daily steps, then the progress ring show you how much steps you are away from your goal.

NEW for 1.1.2:
For some of the settings you need to purchase some of the In-App-Products. The bottom complication and the switch settings are for free.

Supported devices
- Works on all Wear OS devices
- Supports round (e.g. Huawei Watch 2) and rectangular smartwatches
- Does NOT work on Samsung Gear and smartwatches using other operating systems


  • Wear OS
Supported languages
  • English

WEAR OS BY GOOGLE is a trademark of Google LLC. Wear Chronograph is designed for use with the Wear OS platform. This product is not put out by GOOGLE, and GOOGLE does not service or warrant the functionality of this product.


How to change the complications:
Long tap on the watchface - the Watchface selection opens.
Tap on the settings symbol at the bottom.
Tap on the desired complication and choose from the upcoming list.


Why is my purchased package not recognized?

Please verify to give the mobile Wear OS, Play Store and Play Services Apps all needed permissions and clear the app cache in such case. Also try to use the package when the watch is set to flight-mode.
If this won't help, please uninstall the watchface, reboot your watch and phone, then re-install the watchface.

While you do the purchase, you need to leave the watch app open - do not close it!

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