Calendar Active

Calendar Active Watch

This is the watchface for your Garmin watch. 

To install just click the icon.
The watchface will be installed via Garmin Express on a connected desktop computer or via the Garmin Connect App on the paired phone.

The watchface is only available for CIQ 2.3+ devices, currently for the Vivoactive HR/3, Fenix 5/5S/5X/chronos, Forerunner 735xt/935 and Approach S60.

Calendar Active Watch - Settings

The following figure show you how to get access to the settings of Calendar Active Watch in the Garmin Connect App:

qooApps Connect Companion

The Companion App is needed to collect the calendar data and upload secured to the qooApps server hosted by STRATO. Only the shortend entries from the calendar and your private Code, which only shown in your Garmin App, will be uploaded via secure HTTPS. On the server it will stored in an encrypted database. The data will not shared to anyone and will only used by the watchface with the correct Code.

Click on the icon to install the qooApps Connect Companion.

For further information read here: Connect Companion.

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